Hillside Wood Heat in Norwalk Ohio

Hillside Wood Heat has been providing alternative heating solutions to North-central Ohio for 39 years.  We sell stoves and fireplaces that burn wood, coal, corn, wood pellets, natural gas, and propane.  We also stock parts and accessories, chimney supplies, and fuel for some stoves, always stored indoors and year round.

stoves fireplaces furnaces
chimney parts and stove fuel
stove parts accessories and supplies
wood fire

Industry leading technology and top of the line brands such as Harman, Quada-fire, Hearthstone, and Napoleon.

anthracite coal and wood pellets

Most of your chimney solutions in stock, along with fuel for your stove. We have two brands of wood pellets, coal and compressed firewood.

stove parts blowers and motors

Many different parts for stoves. Blowers, motors, timers, switches, thermodiscs, fan limits, and much more.


“It was great doing business with you-we will recommend you to anyone who needs your products. Thanks again!”

Terry and Donna Overy, Elyria, OH

“Looking forward to the cold weather...Thank you for your excellent customer service, patience, and troubleshooting advice, and for standing behind your products.”

Mike Menard, Holden, MA

“As I look back on our negotiations the thoughts are grateful. Realizing that whether or not you sold a stove THAT day did not matter to you. You cared more about me than yourself. This was a great lesson how to lift up others. Thanks for your community service.”

Terry McMahon, Norwalk, OH

“This morning when i called you, i had a good feeling and wish your business was here in California.  After speaking with you over 2000 miles away and hearing your knowledge of all stove operations, you were very helpful in making my decision to buy the Harman P43. The tips you gave me will prolong the use and enjoyment of my new stove. I would highly recommend you and your service to anyone fortunate enough to live in Ohio.”

Steve Sconza, Northern California